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Our Vision is a Flourishing Community

We believe our Fair Oaks and Orangevale community is at it's best

when service and generosity are at the core of who we are together.

When we say we want to see our entire community flourish, we mean it. It drives what we do.
We believe our community is at its best when everyone's basic practical needs are met. We want to create a sense of belonging in the community, and for people to be connected - that they know each other. We aim for every person, group, & organization in Orangevale and Fair Oaks to be engaged in making our community better,
If that sounds like you, join us & see for yourself that service & generosity are at the core of who we are. 

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We believe everyone can flourish

by being good to themselves,
to each other, & seeking the wellbeing of our community! 

Our Story

Our founding team of volunteers started with a simple goal of helping those in need in our community by launching the Orangevale-Fair Oaks Food Bank in 2011.


The vision expanded in 2015 when the Community Foundation was born, again in 2018 when our annual community wide volunteer event Big Day of Service was launched, and in 2020 when HART of OV/FO was born, in 2021 when the Food Bank Farm was established, and yet again in 2022 when we launched the Orangevale Teen Council a teen leadership devlopment program for Orangevale & Fair Oaks teens.


The vision & mission of OVFOCF continues to grow as we build on the already great foundation of our community
and help to make Fair Oaks & Orangevale a great place to live, work, serve, grow, and belong!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build on the foundation of our community and make it stronger FOR everyone.

We do this through meeting practical needs like food, housing, education, partnership, and access to resources by giving generously, volunteering regularly, and inviting everyone in our community to join us.

We seek to address the major issues our community faces such as housing, food insecurity, sustainable agriculture, lonliness & isolation.

We address these issues through generosity, service, collaboration, education, leadership development, community engagement, & entrepreneurship.

And above all we do it together.







We want to want have a positive impact, inspire generosity, foster collaboration, engage in meaningful volunteer service, cultivate socially minded entrepeneurship, build community, and we want to have fun doing it!

Our Motto (something we say all the time)...

We are FOR Orangevale & Fair Oaks. We are FOR our community.

Why? We believe that being FOR others changes everything! 

We are FOR OV/FO. Everyone knows what people, groups, & organizations are against, but we want to be known for
what we are FOR! We are FOR Fair Oaks & FOR Orangevale. FOR OV/FO!


We are FOR everyONE in our community. This includes all of us: families, parents, teens & especially those who are most vulnerable: kids, seniors, the food and housing insecure & our unhoused neighbors. We are FOR our community: families, singles, marriages, kids, young adults, seniors, students, businesses, and neighborhoods! We are FOR people. Period.

Not only individuals: we are for local businesses, government, churches, parks, nonprofits, groups, community partners & of! Speaking of you, we would love to meet you!

Because above all, we want to see EVERYONE in our community flourish!

We value Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • At the Orangevale-Fair Oaks Community Foundation we are committed to fostering an environment where equality is championed, inclusion is valued, and diversity is celebrated. We recognize that diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences enrich our workplace and enhance our ability to innovate collaborate and serve our community.

  • Diversity: We believe that diversity encompasses more than just visible differences. It includes differences in thought, background, culture, identity, ability and experience. We are dedicated to cultivating a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve and embraces the unique strengths each individual brings to our organization.

  • Equity: We are dedicated to creating a fair and inclusive environment, where every member of our team has equal opportunities for growth, advancement, and success. We strive to identify and dismantle barriers to injustices and promote fairness in all aspects of our operations from hiring and promotion to compensation and professional development. 

  • Inclusion: We are committed to fostering a culture of belonging, where all employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best work. We actively seek out and amplify all voices, encourage open dialogue and collaboration, and promote empathy and understanding across differences. We believe that true inclusion requires ongoing effort, education, and dialogue, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our practices to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and supported.   

  • Through our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion we aim to create a workplace where all individuals can thrive, contribute to their fullest potential, and make a positive impact on our organization and the community we serve.

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